Do you have your own website and would like your visitors to have GoalLancer? Purchasing a one-time reseller license for just $39.99 grants you the unlimited ability to resell GoalLancer on your own site or with your own services, however you want.
  • Sell GoalLancer on your own site - at whatever price you want!
  • Customize and add on to the software yourself, then resell the new version!
  • Bundle it with an eBook package.
  • Offer it as a free download in your online software library.
  • Give it away to new newsletter subscribers.
  • Accountants: give your freelancing clients an edge by giving each of them a free copy!

When you purchase the Reseller license, you'll receive a blank copy of GoalLancer in four versions, so that you can sell both versions year after year:
  • Leap Year version with hourly client rate calculator.
  • Leap Year version without hourly rate calculator.
  • Regular year version with hourly rate calculator.
  • Regular year version without hourly rate calculator.
This is already a value of $47.96! It pays for itself in no time and you can customize it however you want - for your clients' needs!

PLEASE NOTE: The license agreement grants you the right to resell the software on a SINGLE URL. You may specifically not:
  • Resell GoalLancer on eBay or any other third-party resale or auction account.
  • Resell or distribute the software on multiple sites - you must purchase one resale license per website.
  • Remove the GoalLancer logo or brand from the software at any time, nor claim it as your own work, even if you have modified it extensively.
  • Resell or distribute the software on any site to which you have not been granted license to do so.
By purchasing a reseller license, you agree to the above terms, and understand that I monitor the Internet and various auction sites for copyright violations on a daily basis, and will take action if I discover anyone breaking the agreement. Please do contact me before purchasing if you have any questions or concerns!
Reseller License:  $39.99